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Women for Tech

CoffeeCodeBreak – an amazing mentoring platform
After I had started my career in Tech I felt out of place in my new work environment – like a new shoe, that you have to break in. I went online and searched for mentoring, applied and tried out quite a few. This is how I found CoffeeCodeBreak, the only mentoring program I stuck with. I soon became a mentor myself and to this day it is the best platform I know. Every mentor has a short profile and availabe time slots. Mentees easily book a time slot with anyone they choose and are then given a link to a virtual meeting room.
Nobody is ever too experienced to be a mentee: try it yourself and get fresh ideas!

FRIDA Project – Creatives for Tech!
I live and breathe women empowerment. We are treated differently then men for the same behaviours – but we can turn anything into our strenght. I am happy to be rolemodel for FRIDA that aims to make women in digital jobs more visible. I think the Tech industry is a great place for women to work in – and I am all for getting the creative young girls to shape the future of Tech.