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Job Spotlight: Data Governance Consultant

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Good Read – A job for a peoples person! Are you a good communicator, love working with people and have or are willing to gain a basic understanding of data? In this job role you work in IT or the Tech sector and the only code you need to know is how to talk to people.

I connected with Nilofar Schoaib through LinkedIN, after having read an interview with her. A Data Governance Consultant is a tpical job in IT, that centers around looking at the big picture, instead of at the code. She brings together Stakeholders, Technologies and Processes in a company, connects and contacts people who have something to do with data. Imagine this job like a bridge between Tech and strategy, it is your job to help along commication between people who create, store and clean data and those who want to gain insights from the data. Just petroleum, there are the workers that harvest the raw material and the car owners that get from point A to point B through what the petroleum can do.

As an applicant you should bring a basic understanding of what data sources are, some basic technologies like data storage or Business Intelligence, but most of all you shoud be able to think in concepts, communicate well and be curious and motivated to learn more about this role and the goal you are working towards. As a career changers myself who went from 0 to 100 within three month: it is possible to gain that basic understanding through free youtube videos, wikipedia, research and just talking to people who have something to do with data.

A tip from Nilofar: search for the terms “Data Quality Consultant”, “Data Governance Consultant” and “Data Strategy Consultant”, all these jobs are No-Code and Career Change friendly.

It’s not all capitalism: Data skills are needed everywhere, be it Greenpeace, Fridays for Future or the Last Generation. Behind every activist on the street are those who know how to built a website, distribute emails for thousands of people, set up a virtual press conference, store and update information. It is just easier to get into Tech and to get that training and ob the job experience if you work for a company or consultancy.

How easy is it to take that leap, change career and get that job? “A spark of luck and chance is always part of the process”, says Nilofar. She didn’t say “the entire fireplace”. So if you have gathered all the wood you need for that bonfire, if you did your research, have started to gain that basic IT understanding, have written many applications and talked to a lot of people, then and only then that spark of luck can actually light the fire.

Thank you, Nilofar, for taking the time to speak with me, there were so many ideas flying around and a huge power and passion.

Below is the link to her interview with Women in Tech e.V., where you can learn more about her job and her career change.