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Evelyn Münster, the Chart Doktor

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Podcast/ online Event – Data+Women Lunch series is a new format, that Heidi and me are trying out. We want to provide a platform for Women* in Data to present their topics, and to invite anyone (it’s not Data MINUS men, everyone is invited) to be informed and entertained during lunchtime.

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My guest was Evelyn Münster, founder of Chart Doktor. For 15 years she has been teaching individuals and team to expand their horizon and to start working on a Data Product instead of a dashboard. Her holistic approach, from users all the way back to datasource, ensures the perfect fit between business and data. Additionally she consults companys on their B2B data products.

A special treat was our guest Sophie Sparkles: to focus her attention during calls, she started sketching KPIs such as speaking time, topic or advice given on her iPad. I was so lucky to have her on our call and watch her concrentate during our conversation. The result is just as amazing as it is informative. She calls it Data Sketch.

Fun fact: One of the first things that endeared me to Evelyn was her quiz: What type of Data Designer are you? You can find the quiz on her homepage Chart Doktor: What type of data designer are you? (