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CoffeeCodeBreak: Mentoring and networking for women in Tech

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Networking – It all started when I looked for a mentor in Tech. Two years later I became a mentor myself, with the greatest platform I have found yet. It is easy to use, quick to find a mentor and open to anyone.

CoffeeCodeBreak is a mentoring and networking platform for women in tech. Not all of us are able to find mentors in our own environment. We know that it takes courage to approach strangers and ask them for their time and advice. And this is exactly where we come in. We are there for you as mentors and peers and we are happy to offer you free mentoring and networking sessions, which you can book flexibly and without hesitation.

Our vision:

We want to live in a society where women are unquestionably on equal footing and are trailblazing developers of technology and innovation.

This borderless society acts in a fair, inclusive and sustainable manner. Together we harness the power of diversity to improve our quality of life collectively and tackle the biggest global challenges.

What does this mean for CoffeeCodeBreak?
We aim to establish a new vision in 2030, because by then our current vision will be reality.