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Jobs in IT that will surprise you

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Dear student-Me, Tech jobs can be creative and communicate. They often center around people, not code. When you decide on your future, consider these jobs in Tech and do not from the start turn a blind eye on an entire industry that has so much to offer of what is important to you.

I can’t go back in time, but I can go talk to this issue to other students who are about to graduate. I want to tell them: it doesn’t matter which subject you study. It doesn’t matter if you liked computers in school. It doesn’t matter that everyone thinks you should be a teacher or a social worker because you are so good with kids.

Here are some jobs that students in school probably never heard of, because their teachers don’t know them and their parents in almost all cases have no idea – because these jobs are fresh, new and exciting!

I am currently working with the school I used to go to realize project. I have had the idea for a while now, but schools were either not enthusiastic about or while initially pleased never called back. It is so hard to contribute something in our German schoolsystem.

This is a in-person talk or live-virtual interactive workshop designed for students and/or their parents. It is ready, but has never been executed yet. If you are at a school and about to graduate, if you want to learn more about no-code or low-code jobs in Tech, be sure to write me an email instantly and let’s make this happen!