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Changing Careers

Creatives and Socials for Tech – you don’t have to code to work in IT
In 2019 I changed from Art into the unknown: the Tech world. I had never heard of SQL, but learned to write it as fluently as I speak four languages. I am now crafting dashboards, but I used to make sculptures and didn’t even own a smartphone. I just knew: my perfect job was out there – and when I found it, I was willing to learn anything and everything to be a Data Artist, from 0 to 100. I am a late Tech-bloomer: like wine that ages I had to age out of the girlhood stereotypes that computers were for nerdy boys and grow into a confident Tech-Women. The transition was hard. But it was worth it.

When I first started transitioning, I googled mentoring and checked out several mentoring programs. They were all complicated and frustrating. Luckily I found CoffeeCodeBreak, it is easy to get an overview over the mentors and it’s even easier to schedule a session. The main topics that I talk to advice seekers about is how to change into the tech industry from any other career, especially into low-code to no-code jobs. If you want the same I looked for – advice and exchange – you are just right.

  • IT Consulting can pivot you into Tech
    podcast – do you want to pivot into Tech? Try out a IT Consulting firm. There are great arguments to start your career in Tech as a career changer with an IT Consulting company. They usually have a great trainee Programms and are less reluctant than most fields to hire career changers. You can check… Read More »IT Consulting can pivot you into Tech
  • Quereinstieg in die IT – Gründe für ein Studium
    Good Read – ist für dich ein IT-Studium interessant? Der Quereinstieg in die Tech Branche ist so interessant, da man am Puls der Zeit arbeitet, in einem sehr jungen und dynamischen Umfeld, mit flachen Hierarchien. Man verdient sehr gut und ist mit Arbeitszeiten und -orten flexibel. Nu Jena Förderer von der TU München empfiehlt einen… Read More »Quereinstieg in die IT – Gründe für ein Studium
  • Data Evangelist Heidi Kalbe
    Good Read – Heidi konnte gut mit Menschen und hatte ein Faible für Sprachen. Mir wurde etwas ähnliches attestiert und bei der Jobsuche fielen Vorschläge wie “Lehrerin”, “Psychologin” oder “Sozialarbeiterin”. Für Heidi bedeutete das aber etwas anderes, nämlich Programmiersprachen. Fähigkeiten wie kreative Problemlösung und andere zu begeistern hat sie nicht in den sozialen Berufen eingesetzt,… Read More »Data Evangelist Heidi Kalbe
  • 02.03.23 Tableau in 100 Minutes
    Workshop – I again team up with Junge Gesellschaft für Informatik and offer a workshop and insights into using Tableau. For students and anybody that is interested. Be ready to click along!
  • Bootcamps to start your journey (GER)
    Video of Roundtable – This is the video online live event with 5 presenters who introduce their companys bootcamp. Doing a bootcamp is a great way to start a career change. I organized the speakers, moderated the event and partnered with Women in Tech e.V. and The IT girls to reach more of the target… Read More »Bootcamps to start your journey (GER)