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From Opera Singer to Tech Leader

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Good read – I recently learned about Anna McDougal who had a career in opera before transitioning into Tech.

Anna does a great job explaining how to disarm the impostor syndrome. Anna says if you have a learning mindset you can’t get imposter syndrome: only if you want to proove something or prove yourself and fear to fail you are liable to fears of failure. However if you perceive yourself as a lifelong learner, being new to something and not knowing things is normal and shifts your focus to developing and growing new skills.

Especially for Career Changers: I was really excited by how she finds skills and learnings in her previous career. I think it is so important that if at some point in your life you change the trajectory of your time and passion that you keep being proud of your previous occupation. Check out her short and powerful video on YouTube.

I am excited that Anna will be guest at the Data+Women Lunch Series hosted by Heidi Kalbe and me!

Register here for her session with us:

Check out her inspiring video and her website: