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AI took my job – now I am their supervisor

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Panel Discussion – INFORMATIK 23 Berlin

I was invited on the panel about AI and job security at the INFORMATIK 23 conference in Berlin by the Gesellschaft für Informatik. I was the only one with a background in business, my fellow panelists were from politics, research and education.

Interestingly enough the question how we will relate to AI in the future raised the most discussion: I described it as being the supervisor or manager. It will be my job to take a problem and section it into small jobs. I then have to decide which AI type, product or model is suitable for the job, write meaningful prompts, check the quality of the output and finally combine all the jobs to a solution to my problem. I am talking about Tableau Pulse, Tableau GPT or also something as simple as “ask data”, to help create entire dashboards. But I still have to know what I want in the end to be able to write a prompt and I have to check the results accordingly. AI will enable me to work more efficiently and to increase my output: maybe there will be fewer of me in the future, but my job of knowing Dataviz and knowing about Data Products I don’t see disappearing. My colleagues with a more IT background rather liked to use the word Co-Pilot, derived from the Github product. Others liked to talk about it like a tool, a hammer that can hammer nails into a wall, but if you gave it a screw, it would also hammer the screw into the wall.

Thanks for inviting me, it was a pleasure!