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8th TUG Munich Meeting – server logs

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event recap – Using Tableau Server Logs to track if users are using the dashboard they are supposed to.

The 8th in person meeting room place on April 25th at Salesforce Munich. Keynote speaker was Rudolf Hattenkofer from sell & pick. The company is a IT service provider in the food industry. They provide standard dashboards with key KPIs to their clients via Tableau Embedded.

Rusi described their philosophy as having a service mentality. For them it is important to bring people to Data – not the other way around. Part of their service is that they monitor, how many Tableau licences their clients purchased are actually being used. Additionally, they monitor if the users are actually accessing the dashboards that they are supposed to. If they detect that users are not, they inquire if there is a problem with the dashboard, if the performance is adequate, if the needed information is shown or if there are difficulties understanding data or interactivity.

The second keynote was by Florian Banas, a Tableau Solution Engineer, who showed similar functions with Tableau Online.

The next TUG is on July 14th 2023 at Munich Airport. our host has offered an exclusive tour around the airport as part of the overall experience. Our keynote speaker brings us a Tableau Use Case about leveraging ML with a Tableau Frontend in a novelty fashion.

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