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Bootcamps to start your journey (GER)

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Video of Roundtable – This is the video online live event with 5 presenters who introduce their companys bootcamp. Doing a bootcamp is a great way to start a career change. I organized the speakers, moderated the event and partnered with Women in Tech e.V. and The IT girls to reach more of the target audience. With more than 100 attendees I considered it quite a success.

When I got started as a Data Artist I did a three month long programm that my company, Woodmark Consulting, offered. It was a great time, I had my peers and we were studying together, trying to get familiar with all the new knowledge. When I started mentoring, I wanted to offer more than just one example and I went looking for similar programs.

There are two criteria that I considered: the bootcamp had to be designed for a certain job by a company and there had to be a contract and an income during or after the bootcamp. You will find Bootcamps like sand in the sea, but they are expensive and there is no job guarantee after completion. So I only picked bootcamps that are training for a job, so you can started right away. When I started my current job I was desperately in need to earn a living, I had rent to pay. Luckily, I already earned a salary during the bootcamp, that went up as soon as I actually started working on projects. When I think of career changers I think of people in the middle of life, with children to provide for, with a life to sustain. The bootcamps I introduce either pay a salary during training or at least after training.

Don’t start a hike without the right bootcamp!

The video is in German only, if you would like to know more about this, schedule a session via CoffeeCodeBreak with me.