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18.02.23 Smart Information Densification: Healthcare TUG

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Remote Event – Everybody knows real estate is expensive. And I am not talking about a villa, I am talking about your dashboard. Every Pixel is valuable space that you should use in the optimal way.

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t put something on every pixel, overloading the dashboard visually. White space is one of the most powerful things to guide a user’s eye and to put certain graphs into focus. I am talking about unnecessary things, like axis, labels, text and so on.

Apart from leaving things out, you should definetely put more information into less space: Smart Information Densification. Through using double axis and some more tricks there are ways to combine two measures into one graph. But consider the audience: the denser the information, the more data literacy your audience needs.

This is a presentation I did for the Healthcare TUG, thanks to Marc Conolly for inviting me, Nicole Mark for her enthusiasm and Lindsey Betzendahl for the nice introduction. I have a recording of the session, my presentation starts at 6:26m