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DIY Dataviz – a Workshop

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Workshop – Truth and Beauty Operator Moritz Stefaner and me created a Dataviz Workshop without any technical equipment.

What happens if you ask the participants of your workshop about which pasta they like best – and then you give them pasta and hot glue and ask them to built a graph from this?

Our goal was to enable our participants to develop a sense of Data Collection and Data Visualization with complete analogues materials. Our Dataset were just a few questions to our participants about sports, their favourite food and pasta of course.

The success of approaching Dataviz this way is the ability to work on a dataset without the limitations of a tool and without any skills required of a tool. Through Sticky Notes, Pins, Yarn and Wools and Sticky Points it was possible for participants to discover other, different meaning behing well known charts and to create new, creative ways of dealing with data.