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Talks for TUGs

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Talks – Besides leading my
own Tableau User Group I enjoy speaking at TUGs all over. From the Healthcare
TUG to Vienna TUG, from Florida TUG to Data+Women. If you would like me to
speak at your TUG, feel free to pick a topic or suggest a new one.

Zone Invisibility: how to improve your dashboard UX
(Florida TUG ft Tableau Amb. Julia Büchting –
Invisible shapes, containers, and parameters – YouTube
Dashboard Layout: what we can learn from Michelangelo: Placing
and spacing worksheets on a dashboard can be challenging – you may have the
cleanest data and the most beautiful visualizations, but you are challenged how
and where to place them on the dashboard? This crashcourse takes you through
design principles like the golden-ratio, explains about Tableau Containers and
offers some thoughts on eye tracking and user attention guiding.
Tricks and Tips with invisible Shapes: Whenever you use the
marks card, you assign a shape and a color. But what if you only want your
highlighted Data to appear? Or you want to build an indicator, showing members
of the current set? With these tricks you can elevate your dashboard user
experience and show off your indepth knowledge of Tableau
Top 10 Visualizations in Tableau and How to build them: for Beginners
and Advanced Practitioners
: You think creating a bar chart is hard?
I’ll show you! You think creating a bar chart is easy? I will show you some
pretty challenging ways to elevate your bar chart game. In this session I will
take you through building the 10 most useful and popular Charts – with a twist.
This session is perfect for mixed audiences and is fun and entertaining for all

My bio:
From Artist to Data Artist: When Julia discovered Tableau in 2019 she changed
her career completely from sculpting statues to drawing line charts. She is a
Senior Consultant with Woodmark Consulting AG. Her philosophy for dashboards is
“form follows function” and she uses visual attributes, UX-habits and
iconography to make great data communication possible. She loves organizing TUG
Munich events and supports Data+Women Germany, but you can also find her
offline working on her latest art project.