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TUG Muc 9th Meeting Recap

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Tableau User Group – The meeting was hosted by Airport Munich with Keynote speaker from Wilo David Graurock.

The AI Lab at Wilo lead by David Graurock has built an MVP platform to test their new Algorithms. The goal was to quickly develop an MVP and showcase it to Stakeholders without much effort on the Frontend part. THeir architecture included Databricks for the backend calculations and Tableau as an easy to use Frontend that allows their stakeholders to test out the newly developed features.

A special guest was Felix Diefenhardt of the Wirtschaftsuni Wien, wo gave us an overview how Dashboards developed over time. Did you know a dashboard used to be a panel at a coach, to keep the coachmens feet from getting wet and dirty? Over time dashboards in car were used the hide the engines and simultanously provide information about the engine.

Airport Munich showcased their latest POC which as always was super interesting because the data is so tangible and experienceable.

After the technical Input we were taken on a private Bustour of the premises.

THe full Agenda can be found here: See 9th meeting: Hosted by Airport Munich at Tableau Munich Tableau User Group